Up 2 U

Gogoro2 presentation video. Within this video, we use entirely different styles, media and play with actual shooting and animation. We create five “2” represents product features and design the characters such as elves and whac-a-mole. Hope to build a colorful and amusing Gogoro2 playground.


  • Client
  • Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Associate Art Director
    Hsi-Jen Liu
  • Producer
    Katie Chen
  • Copywriter
    Vicki Huang
  • Design
    Hsi-Jen Liu /Ching-Ho Kao /Kyle Jhuang /Kelly Li /Chen Wu /Abby Chen
  • 2D Animation
    Kyle Jhuang
  • 3D Animation
    Hsi-Jen Liu /Ching-Ho Kao
  • Compositing
    Hsi-Jen Liu /Ching-Ho Kao /Hsiao-Han Tseng
  • Color Grading
    Hsiao-Han Tseng
  • Editing
    Hsiao-Han Tseng
  • Sound Design & Mixing
  • Production House
    Sika Films Co. Ltd (Taiwan)
  • Producer
    Sheng Hong Yu
  • Director
    Wei Yu Tseng
  • Director Assistant
    Min Hsiu Chu
  • Production Assistants
    Casper Chiu /Ling Chun Wang /Johnny Cheng
  • Director of Photography
    Shih Feng Lin
  • First Camera Assistant
    Shih Wei Wang
  • Camera Assistants
    Li Wei Liu /彥廷 /小O /阿司
  • Gaffer
    Wen Yang Lai
  • Lighting Assistants
    Chih Min Chang /Chia Hsien Li /Ming Yang Hung /Hsien Chin Hsien
  • Production Art Director
    Chin Hsien Chou
  • Art Designers
    Nai Ching Chen /Hsi Yin Hsu
  • Art Dep. Assistant
    Meng Hsieh Tsai
  • Key Grip
    Bryan Lin
  • Grip
    Chen Yueh Cheng
  • Crane Operator
    Shao Chuan Li
  • Special Equipment