Aimm For Love

AIMM is a start-up company focusing on the leading professionals in Chinese descent dating service. From the logo, brand positioning, brand name to animation were taken by Bito. Be an eye-opener for the foreign investors, the film presenting three features of the service shortly instead of showing hard numbers and rationality. Moreover, to lead the focal point and rhythm of the film, the style fits modern women’s favorite primary brands, large areas of bright colors alternate with each other and aside with deliberate blank space.


Directed by Bito
  • Client
  • Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Producer
    Elise Gong
  • Script
    Vicki Huang /Ted Pigott
  • Design
  • 2D Animation
    Phil Wu /Bruce Chen /Wei-Lin Chen /Sylvia Hsu /Chu-Chieh Lee
  • 3D Animation
    Sylvia Hsu /Chu-Chieh Lee
  • Music&Sound Design
    Sincerely Music