GMA 28

Golden Melody Award Graphics Montage

Unlike previous visual style, Golden Melody Award 28 plays Flat design instead of making an elegant, 3D animation or back and gold image. The team creates an utterly new direction, boldly bring all the colors and adds young, bright, lively, and color block into the design. To close to memories and trend, we use GMA to create five different sets of music devices especially the festival title before entering the advertisement, including cassette, vinyl, iPod, video animation, and so on.

  • Bito - GMA

Not just stick to the theme, we think that a good design should accompany by a little sense of humor. "The Carrier of Music" is a recurring theme throughout the visual design this year. It means even the carriers keep changing, but the feeling touched by music is eternal. Besides follow the idea, we add humorous annotations to these 27 award credits. For instance, each album is sliced ​​and presented like a ham symbolizes Best Album Producer, break the egg just like Best New Artist, and use the baton circle one of the discs represents Best Instrumental Recording Album.


  • Client
    YOUNG HOPE /3AQUA Entertainment
  • Design Agency
  • Executive Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Art Director
    Hsi-Jen Liu
  • Designer
    Kelly Li /Chen Wu /Zhyun Tseng
  • Animator
    Kyle Jhuang /Che-Chieh Chu /Ching-Ho Kao /Zhyun Tseng /Chen Wu /Bruce Chen /Kforce Chen /Morris Chi /Yo Cheng /Rivers Yang /Wei-Chen Yu
  • Executive Producer
    Naiyun Peng
  • Subtitle
    Francis Yeh
  • Music
    Sincerely Music
  • Music Director
    Stanley Chen
  • Music Producer
    Shin Child
  • Mixing
    Lin Shang Po /JL Music & Video Production
  • Voice Over
    Shieh ChiaChang /余佳蓓
  • Montage Edit
    Che-Chieh Chu
  • Montage Music
    Proper Up /Lawrence Ku