GPDA 2017

Convergence, waters merge together.Present Asian design is situated in an area of cultural confluence that is also confronted with new convergences in technological innovation.From its beginnings, Asian design has been like islands thickly scattered amidst encircling currents, immersed in a dynamic state of flow where imagistic fusions continuously emerge from the ever-shifting convergences of its many faces.The upsurge of digital technology and artificial intelligence has impacted existing boundaries and brought in a new mindset that will propel it to its next stage at a speed and in a manner that is beyond our wildest imaginings.Thus we chose ‘Convergence’ as the theme of the 2017 Golden Pin Design Award, and set up an experimental installation that injects images of ocean waves and currents dispersing, crashing together, and converging throughout the entire concept as a visual symbol of the wave of change in future Asian design.The premiere of Bito's Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Opening Film stunned the audience at the ceremony with its abstract, evocative visuals, and deeply affective soundscape.Take a look at this stunning video — may it spark your creativity!