Chimei Museum

Wild in motion

Wild in Motion is a digital media installation project for children, which displays the beauty of species diversity via eight screens. This project challenges the unaided eye observation. Utilizing micro and macro perspectives and inspiration of graphic design, this piece shows unrelated yet endless animal illustrations what viewers have never seen it before. Each screen exists independently, sometimes connected but sometimes not, calling viewers to find the pattern and principle behind them. Watching individually, each screen is a stunning motion poster. Yet, when viewers watch all eight together, they will realize the wonders of life on earth.


Directed by Bito
  • Client
    ChiMei Museum
  • Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Producer
    Elise Gong
  • Concept & Script
    Keng-Ming Liu /Jonathan Jones
  • Illustration
    Jonathan Jones
  • 2D Animation
    Phil Wu /Bruce Chen /Wei-Lin Chen /Che-Chieh Chu
  • 3D Animation
    Wei-Lin Chen /AriesCreative /Sylvia Hsu
  • Editing
    Phil Wu
  • Music&Sound Design
    Wei-San Hsu (