Mercedes Benz

The Best In Me

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Service & Parts Open 2015 film conveys the best customer experience based on the owner’s perspective. With the monologue, transforms the concept into The Best in Me and pursues the best self for having Mercedes-Benz and its service. Start from the storyboard; we carry out a strategy of synchronized planning in actual shooting and motion design which is the first attempt in Taiwan. Besides, we use extensive experimental video-audio art and mixed media to create the dramatic effect as the movie title.


Directed by Bito
  • Client
    Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Ltd.
  • Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Producer
    Katie Chan /Elise Gong
  • Production Manager
    Shih-Wei Chang
  • Script
    Vicki Huang /Kay Chen
  • Design
    Keng-Ming Liu /Yin Weihung
  • Photographer
    Kevin Lee
  • Props Design
    Ian Chiang
  • Compositing
    Phil Wu /Wei-Shen Wang
  • 3D Animation
    Wei-Lin Chen
  • 2D Animation
    Sylvia Hsu
  • Color Correction
    Rex Hon
  • Music&Sound Design
    Sincerely Music