Most of the time, we need the ability that could coexist with absurd without going mad in this world. Continue repeating endless MRT morning flash parties, thousand collective mind control drill parties, parental mental bombardment parties, workplace survival jungle parties one after another…… At least we have parties. Party is a reaction to domestication, the salvation of perception, and a mockery of the loss of subjectivity. We are party animals, and we are all animals in the party. To reflect the status of various parties, Bito cooperates with different artists and interprets the character in diverse styles. The music video reversely depicts the life, from the funeral, old age, middle age, to childhood. The character ignites his last only strength crazily and absurdly to fight against the recent situation in Taiwan.Bito invites a collective of indie animation artists from different walks to depict life of the main character in reverse way, from his funeral ceremony to childhood. With diverse interpretation, the character ignites his last only strength in a psycho and absurd way to fight against recent situation in Taiwan.To rebel against domestication and seek the redemption from somewhere to relieve, we like to make things big, so let’s make things together.At least we have parties; we are Party Animals, and also the animals in the party.