What matters now?

This main TED vision is based on the concept of the "great questions". Negative space is presented together with Chinese and English themes to influence problem solving with metaphorical interpretation. Six sub-items are ingeniously hidden, including the Resilience of tugging gelatinous forms, Shared ripples, Participation of blended water beads, Resonance of touching bubbles, Essence of eternally dazzling crystals, and Forward direction of geometric velocity lines. Under dynamic guidance, even chaotic and vague information become clear through the questions.


  • Client
  • Production Company
  • Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Design
    Chu-Chieh Lee
  • Producer
    Oskar Lin
  • Assistant Producer
    Manning Lee
  • Lead Animator
    Chu-Chieh Lee
  • Cel Animation
    Guei-Teng Shiu /Sylvia Hsu /Chu-Chieh Lee /Kevin Cheng /Hao Yi Chen
  • 2D Animation
    Bruce Chen /Chu-Chieh Lee /Kevin Chen
  • 3D Animation
    Sylvia Hsu
  • Music
    Liya Huang
  • SFX
    David Dunlap