GPDA 2016

Golden Pin Design Award Open

Golden Pin Design Award 2016 Award Ceremony, Taiwan’s premier international design competition celebrating design created for and within huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities. Created by Bito, this opening video explores the creative process of finding inspiration in the huaren cultural and philosophical context. A journey searching for boundless and limitless inspiration with a golden pinball roaming across different design categories and materials. We are honored to be part of Golden Pin Design Award 2016. As a leading visual design team for this ceremony, we felt proud and would say it out loud to bring this Huaren-style opening video into deeper and more profound vision of motion design.

  • Bito - ADC

Golden Pin Design Award Invitation Card Continue with the central concept of “Universe,” we combine it with a heart for playing within the design. It’s not just a game when you play with it; the card reflects the philosophies and ideologies from huaren (Chinese-speaking) cultures and societies. The tabletop is made of acrylic, and all simplicity lines follow the Golden Pin Design Award key vision. Each Golden Pin brass steel ball represents the category of award design - product, package, spatial, and visual communication. When these balls are moving around on the tabletop, they demonstrate the image as the designer brainstorming all the ideas in his/her mind.


Directed by Bito
  • Director
    Keng-Ming Liu

  • Associate Art Director
    Hsi-jen Liu /Chu-Chieh Lee
  • Producer
    Naiyun Peng /Carol Chen /Elise Gong

  • Music&Sound Design
    Sincerely Music
  • Editor
    Chu-Chieh Lee /Keng-Ming Liu
  • Pre-Viz
    Chu-Chieh Lee

  • Lead Designer
    Chu-Chieh Lee /Hsi-jen Liu

  • Designers
    Ching-Ho Kao /Wei-Lin Chen /Davy Liu /Hank Liu
Typography Design
    Chu-Chieh Lee

  • Animation & Compositing
    Hsi-jen Liu /Wei-Lin Chen /Ching-Ho Kao /Hank Liu /Dotz studios - Davy Liu /David Tsao /Amber Lee /Chu-Chieh Lee /Che-Chieh Chu