Mont Blanc

Little Prince Zoetrope

Montblanc has launched the Little Prince series and invited cutting-edge artists to create the "Imagination Starts in the Stars" special exhibition. The finished product is an animated fantasy planet created with Zoetrope, a traditional animation device. Twenty clay figurines are constructed, and the movements of the Little Prince and fox are smoothened out with visual persistence created by computerized lighting. Repeated rotation coupled with delicate, wholly handcrafted works allow modern people to find lost serenity and childhood imagination.

Behind the scene


  • Client
    Condé Nast Publications Inc
  • Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Art Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Project Manager
    Tammy Liu
  • Account Manager
    Naiyun Peng
  • Character Design
    Binbin Lu
  • Animation Design
    Binbin Lu
  • Puppets Maker
    He Lo /Chung-Yi Wu /Binbin Lu
  • Mechanical Design
    Ta-Chung Liu
  • Mechanical Engineer
    La Magica Creative Design Co. Ltd.
  • Arduino Engineer
    Tiger Chen
Filming Crew
  • Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Producer
    Tammy Liu
  • Director of Photography
    Jerry White
  • 1st Assistant Cameraman
    Hsiang-Hao Chen
  • WIP Documentary
    Chen Wu
  • Gaffer
    Hsiang-Hao Chen
  • Lighting Assistant
    Chen Wu /Ching-Ho Kao
  • Editor
    Chen Wu /Steve Huang
  • Title Design
    Yi-Chen Kuo
  • Music & Sound Design
    Cheng-Yeh Han