Return to the Wild that You Are

The “wild” it aims to capture is not frenzy or savagery. It is the wild power to be with oneself that the human race innately possesses with Mother Nature and with oneself. Such wild power is fading away from the people living in the cities, whereas anyone that pays a visit to Taitung seems to retrieve it bit by bit.

Behind the scene


A Film by Bito
  • Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Assistant Director
    Ching-Ho Kao
  • Producer
    Tammy Liu
  • Ideation
    Vicki Huang / Jen Chuang / Ching-Ho Kao
  • Copy Director
    Vicki Huang / Jen Chuang
  • Account Manager
    Naiyun Peng / Tammy Liu
  • Photographer
    Ching-Ho Kao / Kai Cheng / Ken Huang
  • Drone Operator
    Ching-Ho Kao
  • Editor
    Ching-Ho Kao
  • Color Grading
    Ching-Ho Kao
  • Typography Design
    Damon Hsieh
  • Location Manager
    Huie-Yung Li
Music by Through the Dead Wood by Songs of Water / In the Clouds by Be Still the Earth