iDB 50

Smallness is Intentional

Many people think that Taiwan's industries are kind of small. But you may not know that certain smallness is intentional.

Small like fine threads, they are woven into high-performance fabrics creating revolutionary fiber products. In countless competitions, they helped your sports heroes winning championships after championships.

We not only manufacture electrosurgical scalpels, but also monitor surfaces of microorganisms that are barely visible. Moreover, our cutting-edge aseptic processes are meticulously controlled so that at the most critical moment they can save your life.

Not to mention your smartphones Hidden within are the super mini chips for better power conservation, and faster real-time processing of massive amount of information. Their precision in each millimeter load is unparalleled.

Based on our solid technological foundation, we have deliberately picked these impossibly tiny domains to create things that seem negligible.We also strive for circularity and sustainability. Now supply chains around the world are respectfully recognizing us as a major league.

We are Taiwan's industry. Smallness is the greatest power of our competitiveness.


  • Client
    Taiwan Design Research Institute
  • Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Director
    Jimmy Chiang
  • Copy Director
    Vicki Huang
  • Project Manager
    Tammy Liu
  • Ideation
    Vicki Huang / Jimmy Chiang
  • Storyboard
    Jimmy Chiang
  • Logo Design
    Chi Tai Lin
  • Lead Designer
    Wei-Hao Shao
  • Designer
    Tifu Huang
  • Editing
    Jimmy Chiang / Wei-Hao Shao/ Chin-Ho Kao
  • Lead Animator
    Wei-Hao Shao
  • Animator
    Tifu Huang / Eating Tsai
  • Color Grading
    Chin-Ho Kao
  • Sound Design
    Vince Kao
Filming Crew
  • Producer
    Han-Ju Chiang
  • Director of Photography
    Shane Liu
  • Lighting
    Hung Yang Lin
  • Lighting Assistants
    Chih Yuan Cheng / Cheng Yuan Yeh
  • Model
    Linda Lai