In 2012, Taiwan social conflicts surged and heated up. People faced a severe challenge in their living environment; the support had grown for the reform and change. Hence, TED x Taipei 2013 takes the theme as “Flip” calls on the youth of the new generation to seize opportunities and reverse the future. Instead of steady and staid, we use abstract and geometric image outline the theme of the six major topics. Within this video, blue and yellow form a sharp contrast and the Mandarin title reverses its format, moreover, the "i" in the word Flip also inverted into an exclamation mark "!" represents facing the unknown fear and winning the turnaround surprisingly. The video is with smooth transitions and hand-drawing stop-motion animation, conveying a warmer humanistic spirit.Six geometric icons represent the six themes - breaking through, living together, learning beyond, taking off, passing on, and carrying on - of 2013 TEDxTAIPEI. Each theme are extended from the core idea, "Flip."

  • Bito - Reddot