GPDA 2018


The Exhibition opens on November 17 and closes on January 13, 2019, inviting visitors to explore more than 100 of this year’s winning designs, and video art by Bito.

Liu, creative director of Bito, has curated the exhibition to echo the concept of the award ceremony “Nature Knows”, inspired by cycles in nature along with the importance of design for sustainability. Liu and his co-curators have transformed the interior of Taiwan Design Museum into a bamboo labyrinth, integrating the exhibits with nature, while communicating the relationship between people and the environment.

The exhibits are curated according to the four Chinese characters in the concept “Nature Knows”, pronounced in Taiwanese Hokkien as 自 (Tsū) 然 (Then) 知 (ti) 道 (DAU). The section of “Tsū” features bionic design that imitates nature; the section of “Then” is for design of reused or recycled materials; the section of “ti” is for design that demonstrates analysis of a space, object, or the environment; and the section of “DAU” is for technology.


  • Client
    Taiwan Design Center
  • Curator
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Co-Curator
    Tzu-Hung Yang /Shuo Yu /Lee Ming-Teh
  • Curatorial Concept
    Lee Ming-Teh
  • Spacial Design
    Bird Hsu
  • Floral Design
    Olivia Hsueh
  • Project Manger
    Naiyun Peng
  • Project Assistant
    I-Ting Tang /Anne Chu
  • Seasonal Video
    Hui-Kai Su
  • Nominees Video
    Eating Tsai /Yu Chen
  • Graphic Design
    Chya Hsu /Hsuan-Ning Wang /Damon Hsieh /Yi-Chen Kuo /Darffin Peng /Li-Chen Chuang /Lo-Wei Chang
  • Translation
    Shangting Hsu
  • Projector Sponsor