HTC U12+ Edge Sense 2

The possibilities are endless

Starting with the concept of " Infinite possibilities with one-handed operation ", the design combines numerous classic characters. The signature features or gestures of the characters allow customers to immediately understand the daily application of the mobile phones, especially the sensor on the side frame. The bright and colorful visual tones and use of 3D/Stop Motion/ Motion Graphic/realistic shot techniques break through the stereotypes of traditional mobile advertising.

Behind the scenes


Directed by Bito
  • Client
  • Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Art Director
    Hsi-Jen Liu
  • Copy Director
    Vicki Huang
  • Account Manager
    Naiyun Peng
  • Producer
    Katie Chen /Tammy Liu

  • Storyboard
    Che-Chieh Chu /Steve Huang /Hsi-Jen Liu
  • Design
    Kyle Jhuang /Yi-Chen Kuo /Binbin Lu /Yi-Hsuan Li /Holly Lo /Chya Hsu /Eating Tsai
  • 3D Animation
    Steve Huang /Ching-Ho Kao
  • 2D Animation
    Kyle Jhuang /Binbin Lu /Che-Chieh Chu /Eating Tsai
  • Edit
    Che-Chieh Chu /Kyle Jhuang
  • Compositing
    Kyle Jhuang /Ching-Ho Kao /Hsi-Jen Liu

  • Color Grading
    Kyle Jhuang
  • Music & Sound Design
    Luke Brown & Liam Iliffe (The Soundery)
Life Action Set
  • Director of Photography
    Jerry White
  • Photography (Stop Motion)
    Ken Huang /Che-Chieh Chu

  • Gaffer

  • Props
    Jerry Say (Dino) /Holly Lo /(Hands & Explosion) Chya Hsu(Hands) /Binbin Lu (Explosion)

  • Hand Models
    黃馨平 /Yi-Chen Kuo /Damon Hsieh /Binbin Lu /Naiyun Peng