Where there is light, there is hope. The light of hope within the heart of every Taiwanese person is the most essential force that brings together courage, creates tomorrow, and inspires the world. In 2021, we embarked on a magical journey into the future starting from the Island of Light at the Hsinchu Eastern Gate in Hsinchu. The century-old building of the Hsinchu Eastern Gate was joined by the large surround-projection spanning 110 meters wide and covering nearly 180 degrees, combining ancient and modern elements from both the virtual and real worlds. Visually-sensational and wild fantasies are launched together with a rocket loaded with dreams. Stereo sound design and surround lighting effects are used to give audiences a splendid and magical audiovisual experience.

Technological elements are used in the opening scene to embody Hsinchu's image as a "Tech City". To reconstruct time and space, plenty of spatial changes are presented horizontally and in the depth perspective, creating an immersive futuristic atmosphere.

Taiwan's rich natural and cultural landscapes are made to appear even more brilliant through the expression of hand-drawn art and various colors. Animals and plants endemic to Taiwan appear in different corners as surprises; athletes move in different directions while showing incredible performances. These form the most authentic image of Taiwan.

Everything comes to a sudden stop as if someone just pressed the world's stop button. The streets lose their bright colors, and the heavy downtown traffic vanishes. Changes appear in familiar scenes through the perspectives of realism. Nevertheless, where there is light, there is hope. On the land of Taiwan, everyone's energy is reintegrated. Starting from Hsinchu, we rise to the sky and light up the world again with hopes and dreams.

Behind the scene


  • Organizer
    LeftBrain Marketing Communication Ltd.
  • Space Design
    D.Z. Architects & Associates
  • Creative Show Director
  • Videographer
    Rabbit Pictures Co. Ltd.
  • Technical Director
    B'in LIVE Co., Ltd.
  • Program Director
    Infinity Multimdia Production
  • Creative Director
    Keng-Ming Liu
  • Producer
    Hsiang Hsieh
  • Account Manager
    Naiyun Peng
  • Art Director
    Chen-Lin Hsieh / Hsuan-Ning Wang / Tifu Huang
  • Ideation / Story
    Keng-Ming Liu / Chen-Lin Hsieh / Hsuan-Ning Wang / Tifu Huang / Binbin Lu / Derrick Liu / Hsiang Hsieh
  • 2D Designer
    Hsuan-Ning Wang / Binbin Lu / Chen-Lin Hsieh / Derrick Liu / Chya Hsu / Johnny Yang
  • 2D Animator
    Binbin Lu / Derrick Liu / Eating Tsai / Shao Wei-Hao / Szyu Pan / Allen Lin / Chiayu Liu
  • 2D Compositing
    Shao Wei-Hao / Johnny Yang
  • 3D Designer
    Chen-Lin Hsieh / Ching-Ho Kao / Tifu Huang / Ruo-Jia Liang / Wei-Ting Chen / Bang-Wei Chen / wildmotion design / Wei-Hsiang Zeng / Hui-Kai Su / zhengyocheng / KhooKG
  • 3D Animator
    Ching-Ho Kao / Tifu Huang / Ruo-Jia Liang / Bang-Wei Chen / wildmotion design / zhengyocheng / Henmi Lai / Tâng Siáu-khiat / Yi Heng Huang
  • 3D Compositing
    Tifu Huang / Ruo-Jia Liang / Bang-Wei Chen / wildmotion design
  • Editing
    Tifu Huang
  • Music & Sound Design
    Liya Dunlap (Canada / Subject 2 Sound) / David Dunlap (Canada / Subject 2 Sound) / Cheng-Yeh Han
  • Voiceover
    Sean Chen
  • Copy Director
    Vicki Huang
  • PR & Media Relations
    Mimi Chang
  • Photographer